Anonymous asked: I'm also concerned about her friend - Ellen McGuigan - Bloodtearsandrazorblades here.


do you know ellen? are these messages private?

appreciate a response

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Hi everyone.

Ciara’s parents have now found out, Its us posting.

Thanks you for all the kind comments and support shown. To all parents or possible ones to come I understand these sites may be a good way of talking, however unchecked they obviously keep you in blissfull ignorance.

To the person who let the police know, our absolute unreserved gratitude.

we will now try and come to terms with what she is obviously going through and try and deal with it together.

Hopefully there will be no more postings

God Bless.

Anonymous asked: I care about you. Please don't hurt yourself. I don't want anything bad to happen to you. <3

No. I deserve to be dead.

So close.

Just 6 more.. six more pills and it will all be over.

No one cares.

Anonymous asked: im sorry but why are you so upset? how is your life so bad. My mother killed herself! and i dont cry about it. You need to grow up cos life is for the living. Stop being so selfish and live!

I know.. sorry. I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been through…

My head is so messed up…

Another night of crying myself to sleep.

I feel dead inside.

I feel so stupid.

Anonymous asked: i will miss ur posts x

I’ll try to post still. Just no more personal posts. I’ll keep that stuff in x

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Anonymous asked: Even though it's humiliating, wouldn't you prefer your friends to help you through your sadness and then you can finally stop self harming?x

No. I can’t even let my feelings out on tumblr because I’m scared someone will tell my parents. So I’ll go back to bottling it up. Whatever.

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